my 22 year relationship has ended, with pasta

apparently, i enjoy torturing myself. my newest feat is seeing how long i can pursue a no carb diet. by no carb i mean no pasta, bread, cookies or chips. considering that i am 25% italian, this is basically sacrilegious. i have managed to make it to day 3 so far, but every minute has completely horrid. why would i volunteer myself for such an awful practice you might ask? i will be lounging on a beach in florida in exactly 58 days. and in my hopes not to look like a humpback unfortunately washed to shore, i need to get my snacking and lack of exercise in check. for a while i was doing great, attending nightly bootcamp, zumba and cardio-kickboxing classes at the gym. but i slowly fell off my body sculpting routine and fell back onto the couch with a roll of cookie dough in hand ignoring my roommates disapproving looks. so tonight, after a long hiatus, i will be participating in bootcamp, no matter how badly i do not want to go. early january seems a long way off, but in reality it will be here before i know it. and if i’m not pounding the pavement the pounds will show when i hit the sand. so here’s to hoping i can survive the rest of my 58 days without carbs and keep my little paws off the stockpile of tortellini i have amassed in my freezer. will i look like a seal or Seal’s Heidi Klum on my trip to florida? only my oreos know the answer to this question.


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