please use self-restraint (if possible)

i tend to have a bit of a shopping problem, if you want to call it that. it has come and gone, but this month it is in full force. all of my college girlfriends came down this past weekend and we hit luckyshops, resulting in a beautiful gold Rebecca Minkoff bag. yes, this was an impulse buy but i will use it every time i go out for drinks or dinner, or anywhere for that matter. then on sunday, after spying my roommate ls’s sister wearing a pair of gorgeous Michael Kors boots, i found that they were on sale at Nordstrom. i mean really, how could i not buy them? i don’t have a pair of office appropriate black knee-high boots anyways. i am really investing in my future because when i wear these boots to work there is no way i won’t get a promotion. they are beautiful. i arrive at work monday morning and what little gem finds its way into my gmail mailbox? oh, just a Bloomingdale’s 20% coupon. perfect! considering i am lusting after the most perfect pair of Sam Edelman black leather booties. i have yet to bite the bullet and purchase these bad boys because as my feet are saying yes, my amex is saying no.

it seems as though i have tried time and time again to curb my spending habits but none of my methods have worked. leave credit card at home, didn’t last long; give credit card to tg; got another one. i need to come up with an adrianna-proof way to make sure i am not cringing while looking at my monthly amex statement. i have come to the conclusion that the only way to make this happen (and to save a little cash) is to go cold turkey. that is no spending on anything unless it is absolutely necessary. for a whole month. no shopping, no eating out, no buying things just because they are on sale, no buying things because you like the salesgirl, no buying things because they come in a cute package. no means no. i have decided that this will be my new year’s resolution (and my hardest one yet). come january 1, i will be deleting every friends & family and 50% off email that graces my inbox. because now that i am an adult i need to be more concerned about investing in my mutual fund than investing in Louboutins.

i will ease myself into this new regime, which i will hate every second of, over the next two months. and of course, keep my updates here. that is, right after i hit complete checkout on those Sam Edelman booties.

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