a penny here, a penny there

it is evident that i may not be the most experienced human when it comes to saving money. i have a soft spot for a killer pair of shoes and the newest chef’s special roll on the haru menu. but much to my chagrin, i need to bring my spending spree to an end and start putting money in the bank. if you are like me and have little to no self-control once you step inside Saks you must take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from, well, yourself. if i am ever going to transform into an actual adult and purchase a car, apartment or house, it’s time for me to start hoarding the George Washingtons. in order to do this, i have found a fool-proof plan to keep my savings dollars in the black and my eyeballs in my head when looking at my bank statements; a mutual fund. mutual funds allow your money to do the work for you and earn on the stocks you invest in, as long as the market isn’t in the toilet. once funds are in the mutual i cannot take them out without ensuing a large penalty fee. perfect. the money will be withdrawn monthly so if i use it on something else, i will over draft my account. even better. i will put a certain amount aside each month and it will be wisked away from ever falling into my greedy little hands. this way, i will manage hoard a small portion of savings for the future.

i have finally found a way to slowly save for when i finally decide to morph into a grown-up. although my shoe collection is mourning this day, the shiny bmw that will one day be sitting in my driveway will more than make up for that. because as sad as it sounds, i have to start weening myself off spongebob and incorporating a daily reading of the wall street journal into my routine. no one (other than maybe ls) will understand what ‘bring it around town’ or ‘buzz buzz buzz’ means, unless they are under the age of 10. so here’s to learning about the GDP of the U.S., reading Forbes.com and being able to carry on an intelligent conversation with my peers. but hey, i’m still always good for a scooby doo marathon if all else fails.

to look into financial options of your own visit the website below.


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