it’s the freakin’ weekend (but not yet)

i have been traveling a lot recently and haven’t spent much time in my apartment or in the city for that matter. this will be the second weekend in a row (GASP!) that i have stayed in my gramercy pad. if you know me, you know i like to plan things out far into the future so i have things to look forward to (the trip to florida i planned in august, the fact that my outlook calendar has dates in 2013 already). so the fact that it is currently wednesday and i haven’t solidified my weekend plans yet is quite rare, considering they are usually concrete by about 9:30am on monday. i’ve decided to put together a list of things that need to happen this weekend. after all, i need to take advantage of my free time here before i’m heading for metro north again next friday.

  • finally find the morris grilled cheese truck (which i learned this weekend, is employing one of my best friend sg’s good friends from home! small world!). i have attempted to to locate this truck multiple times in order to scarf down one of their gourmet grilled cheeses, but alas i have not been able to find it. i know they frequent the brooklyn flea market, so maybe with a little help from jj i can finally hunt them down!
  • start my first DIY project (this seems dangerous to myself, others and surroundings but it could work out) since moving to new york i have gained an affinity for what i like to call dumpster diving. no, i am not actually hopping into a dumpster and digging around for items acceptable for my apartment, but it’s close enough i guess. thursday is trash day so between tuesday and wednesday all of the constantly moving manhattanites chuck all of the items they don’t wish to haul to their next apartment onto the street. then, it’s picking season for me. i have already acquired a dresser and a night stand from this process. they may not be the most beautiful pieces of furniture but they are functional and hey, all i had to do was con my roommates into helping me drag them back to our apartment, no amex necessary. the little night stand that has been most recently added to the repertoire definitely has seen better days. i thought i might take some time this weekend to sand it down, prime it and maybe hit it with some gold sponge painting to make it stand out in my neutral colored room. how i am going to do with without getting paint all over my entire apartment as yet to be taken into account but i think it will come out great. i will follow up with before and after pictures.
  • return to cardio-kickboxing class. although i love running along the east river on the weekends, especially when the weather is great, cardio-kickboxing was a lot more ass-kicking than i thought i would get on a saturday morning. my recent foray into getting in shape has lead me to take a multitude of different classes. i have tried zumba, boxing, bootcamp and abs classes, which have all left me sore and waddling around my office the next day. but cardio-kickboxing surpases them all. the class and instructor were so intense for 11am on a saturday, everything we did was fast-paced but also really fun. i left the class tired and feeling like i got a great workout, but woke up the next morning feeling like i had just celebrated my 90th birthday. every part of my body hurt, even parts i didn’t know i had. roundhouse kicks and jab cross jab punching were not staples in my every day life causing my muscles to dial 911. but it was a great workout and would totally recommend it to anyone apprehensive to trying it out. my weekend schedule usually forbids me from taking the class because i am traveling, but this weekend i am going again and hopefully not kicking anyone in the stomach with my reverse kicks (oops).
  • preparing my favorite ‘tuna martini’ recipe. i have an obsession with sushi, or any raw meat or fish for that matter. tg cringes when he sees how rare i like my steaks and burgers while out to dinner. but i love it. if you give me a burger that is brown, hard and resembles a hockey puck, i will not eat it. so when my dear mother rc whipped up a recipe she found with raw tuna i was all over it like kirstie alley on cake. the preparation for this meal is not difficult at all, just make the dressing for the tuna, chop the tuna, dress the tuna and toss with mixed greens. my challenge in this will be correctly halving the ingredients. i know i COULD eat the 1lb of tuna called for for family of four, but i SHOULDN’T so i will make enough just for me. see the recipe below if you are interested in trying it, i promise if you like raw tuna it will not disappoint! (keep in mind this recipe was sent from my mother and she capitalizes blender because when i made it at home the last time, i forgot this step. thanks, mom)

Tuna Martinis:
Asian vinaigrette:
2 green onions
2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard
1/2 cup peanut oil
1 Tablespoon sesame oil
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1/4 cup sweet chili sauce
1/4 cup honey
salt/pepper to taste-rough chop onions put in BLENDER.  Add mustard to make a paste.  /slowly add peanut and sesame oil until smooth add vinegar, chili sauce and honey. Salt and pepper to taste, set aside
Asian salad: (this is “official” recipe, i used mixed baby greens most of the time)
1 head Napa cabbage
1/2 head red cabbage
4 green onions, thinly sliced
4 carrots peeled and shredded on grater-shred cabbage into thin strips, combine all salad items and set aside
Tuna Tartare
1 lb ahi tuna
1 container daikon sprouts ( never used them but would probably be good)
2 avocado diced
To assemble:  toss slaw with dressing and set aside.  Cut tuna in bitesized cubes and add to slaw.  Add avocado and sprouts if using.  Serves 12 as appy or  very hungry Adrianna and friends for dinner!  Enjoy!


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