sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite (but seriously, this is nyc)

tonight marks the first night i will be sleeping alone in my room (ls and i share a room in our apartment, mostly so she can harass me with taylor swift music at 7am). ls is gone to boston for the weekend and jj is currently at an awards banquet. so it’s just me, myself and i on the couch tonight. for a long time i didn’t think i was scared of the dark, or much of anything for that matter. than i wised up and realized that i despised the show ‘are you afraid of the dark’ on nickelodeon in the 90’s (literally couldn’t get past the opening credits) and during the recent power outages i’ve experienced at my parent’s house i sleep with a flashlight on, so that would be a yes, i’m actually terrified of the dark. i’m not really too sure how i feel about flying solo in the room tonight, but i’m more concerned about waking up in the morning without ls’s jessie mccartney pandora on fridays. whether i arise or not i have a busy weekend ahead of me considering all of the plans i laid out yesterday. tomorrow will surely be a busy one at work but i will update over the weekend as to my whereabouts and accomplishments. hope everyone has a fun relaxing weekend 🙂


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