vacation all i ever wanted, vacation had to get away

as you know, tg and i are going to florida for a week in january and i could not possibly be more excited. i purposely planned the vacation in the middle of the winter because i know i will be itching to get out of new york and wear less that 12 layers when i go outside. so on a gloomy day such as this one, i like to plan out dream vacations that one day i will hopefully be able to afford. i tend to frequent living social’s escapes page, and jetblue getaways, just so i can indulge in trips i probably will not be going on in the next 5 years. my most desired holiday trips are as follows (anyone who would like to fund them, the checks can be made out to CASH):

  • london. my best friend tn just moved to london this september and visiting her is my #1 big trip that needs to happen asap. i did take a short vacation to london while i was abroad to visit tara but ended up being sick in bed for 3 out of the 5 days that i was there (i will say food poisoning, she will say i’m a lightweight). so because of the worst hangover of my life/stomach bug i did not see any of the sites in london. london is such a beautiful city, it’s like new york but cleaner, more regal and everyone sounds like jude law. i think the most important reason i need to hop a flight to london is that grocery stores don’t carry peanut butter, mac & cheese or ramen – so i must get these essentials to tn immediately, lest she have to live without them.
  • carribean/jamaica/cayman islands. other than a trip to hawaii in the 7th grade, i have yet to venture to a tropical island. i have see multitudes of pictures from my friends trips to island resorts and have always been jealous. but once i have a little money saved i am going to use living social escapes or to my advantage and book a killer trip where i lounge by the beach all day and someone brings me drinks with little umbrellas.
  • san francisco. i have not been out to california since, i literally cannot remember. other than the 72 hours i was there last summer for a business trip, which really doesn’t count. my aunt, uncle and cousins live there and i have been wanting to take a trip there for a while. the weather is awesome, the food is awesome and everything is so laid back which is the polar opposite of what i experience in my every day life in new york. maybe i could even take a surfing lesson and hope i’m coordinated enough to stay on the board.
  • italy/ireland/paris. this will be my grand european vacation that will probably happen after i’m 50 because there is no way i’m going to be able to afford it until then. although i traveled a bit when i was abroad in spain during college i never got to ireland or paris – two places that i would really love to explore. ireland for my heritage and the fact that it is so beautiful and paris because it is the most romantic city in the world and i want to see the eiffel tower light up at night because it just looks so fabulous. italy i did get a chance to visit while abroad but i want to go back and travel all over the country, if not to waste an entire year’s salary on the ponte vecchio buying hand crafted jewelry. either way i really would love to take a long trip through europe, it would be so awesome and i would definitely appreciate it more than the museums i was dragged through in spain while nursing a hangover with an extra large bottle of water and huge sunglasses.
well, now i am throughly depressed because i know i will not be going on any of these vacations any time soon but here’s to hoping that i can create a better saving ethic by bribing myself with the white sand beaches of grand cayman. one day i will make all of these dreams a reality and post the pictures, right here!

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