you better work, cover girl, work it girl, give us a twirl

people watching is great for so many different reasons.  and new york city is most definitely the greatest city in the world for this year-round hobby. if you want to see the weirdest people in the world, head on over to union square and hang out for a while. i am convinced strange people are magnetically attracted to that place. especially on the weekends, when i am pushing through throngs of people to get to baked by melissa i have done numerous double takes a few times have stopped dead in my tracks because of outfits/signs/hairdos/etc. as billy currington says ‘people are crazy’ and about 99% of them are usually in union square. other than using people watching for pure amusement of the fact that people would actually leave their house looking so ridiculous, i have found that i’ve caught on to trends through spotting it on the street. during my short subway ride to work, waiting on the subway platform and walking through the streets of new york i survey the style of the girls around me. you know that you give people walking past you a quick up and down if you like what they are sporting, and it has definitely happened to you as well. i am definitely influenced by the wardrobe and accessories of those around me, and have made additions to my closet from my findings.  before moving to new york, i thought that tom’s shoes were ugly and made you look like you suddenly sprouted elephant feet. after a few months commuting back and forth from my apartment i saw so many girls wearing them and slowly i decided that they would make great commuting shoes and were actually pretty cute. now i wear them every single day to work and are the most comfortable pair of shoes i own. people watching is key in spotting and staying on top of all of the latest trends in new york. especially when the seasons are changing (as in right now) it is the best time to spot the newest manias and create one of your own because someone is could be using you as their outfit inspiration!

(also $10 to whoever names the song that i extracted this title from first)



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