one man’s junk is another man’s treasure

so i actually completed my diy project this weekend! it turned out a little differently than i had envisioned but i think it looks even better than my original plan. as you can see above, my wonderful roommate jj helped me document the whole process. i went to the local hardware store and picked up my supplies, everything came to about $40 (considering i didn’t have to pay for the table itself) so it wasn’t an expensive project. the sanding ended up being a little bit more annoying than i had expected and i think i almost killed both jj and i with paint fumes, but i think it came out really nicely. you can see that it was kind of a sad little piece of furniture before so with a little sprucing i think it will go great in my beachy themed bedroom. my next project to conquer – curtains in my bedroom so i can sleep past sunrise at 6:30am. this definitely needs to happen soon.

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