is tomorrow really monday? already??

hello from my couch! i would say i had a pretty successful weekend. it’s not often that i make a weekend to-do list and actually complete most of the things on the list. i worked on my diy project all day saturday, got it finished and i think it looks great (refer to previous post for pictures). i also got up saturday morning and attended the 11am cardio kickboxing class. at some points i felt like i was going to die but i definitely got a great workout! i planned on making my tuna martinis but my two go to fish markets were out of sashimi grade tuna so instead i settled for a great piece of wild salmon. i had never cooked salmon before so i wasn’t really sure how to approach it but i just dressed it with a little olive oil, pepper and garlic and it was unbelievable! i was so happy with my dinner choice and the fact that i ended up cooking it perfectly. then today i ventured over to the bed bath and beyond in chelsea to pick up bed risers and a dust ruffle. i’ve decided to ditch the dumpster dresser i have in favor of a small desk and a comfy chair instead. in order to make this change though i have to find a place to store the clothes that are currently living in the dresser. with the bed risers i can put some small baskets under my bed and now the clothes will have a spot that i can easily access. with these changes and some curtains my room transformation will be complete and finally really feel like home 🙂 for now i am finishing off the weekend relaxing on the couch with jj and ordering in some sushi. gotta love a productive weekend in the city!


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