manic monday

looks like we have ourselves another monday. i am still flabbergasted by how warm and mild the weather is even though it is mid-november. i’m sure after stating this fact we will have about 4ft of snow next week, but for now i am loving that i haven’t come to work with frostbite on my nose yet. i don’t know about you, but after a nice productive weekend, such as the one i just had, i return to my cube on monday and realize there are five whole work days to get through in order to reach the next weekend. so what do you do to get yourself happily through the week? daily breakfast sandwich? a lunch time trip to saks? obsessive cube decorating? (yes, i have resorted to all of these) personally, i use my google calendar and color code everything. i can’t get through a week without things to look forward to on the way. so i highlight classes at the gym, lunch dates, fun weekend plans, days off and holidays. knowing i have events ahead of me makes 6pm arrive sooner monday through friday. i am also a big advocate of the to-do list. i write a to-do list for every day and for every trip, project, vacation and ordeal that needs to be attended to. i find that this helps me stay organized and on top of everything that i need to take care of for the week. my list starts out long on monday and usually by friday has lessened to only the few things i need to accomplish over the weekend.

so as my space heater blasts and ab yells at me to shut it off on this gloomy monday morning, i will start my to-do list for the week in hopes that it will all be done by this weekend when i will be shooting off to MA to see tg for the weekend. do you have any good tips to get yourself through the work week (if so please share, for the sanity of all)? happy monday!


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