these are a few of my favorite things

as i am sitting here doing some work on this balmy november night i have been thinking about things that i absolutely could not live without. as in could not physically carry on with life if these things did not exist. sadly, my list is quite lengthy, but hey there are a lot of things that i just love! here they are in no particular order:

  • unsweetened iced tea – i love this stuff. there are very few beverages i will drink (water, yellow gatorade, seltzer and this) and it is definitely at the top of my list. since i was little my mom has always had huge pitchers of it waiting in fridge during the summer, but my obsession has become a year-round phenomena. it is the perfect summer drink with a fresh slice of lemon. seriously though, i could drink gallons of the stuff. i make it daily at work for my little caffeine boost because my stomach doesn’t handle coffee very well. if you are looking for a refreshing, calorie-void beverage, go with unsweetened iced tea and you will not be disappointed.
  • sushi – this is a given. i actually cannot even remember the first time i had sushi, nor can my sister. but we have evolved into human sushi vacuum cleaners. one of my main sources of excitement over thanksgiving break will be eating at our beloved empire with my sister. i can’t say this for myself, but hc has gotten to the point where she enters the restaurant and they just know what she wants, says a lot. we started a game at the beach during the summer where we would go back and forth creating new rolls and one of my eventual life goals is to open a sushi restaurant that specializes in the rolls that my sister and i create. i would be the happiest girl on the planet because then my other life goal of eating sushi every single day would come true as well.
  • iphone – i know, so cliche. but i really don’t understand how i functioned as a human being before i had an iphone. i have so many apps that make my life infinitely easier. seriously, you could not pay me enough to get a blackberry again. the blackberry is like the iphone’s retarded half-cousin. wants to be like the iphone but really just doesn’t cut it.
  • watch – this is my more strange item on my list. my parents gave me a beautiful michele watch for graduation and i have no taken it off since. if i forget to put it on for the day i feel naked. it tells the time, day and date. really helpful for someone as forgetful as i am. also, when i was stuck in bedford, ny for the last power-outage stint and i didn’t even have cell service the only working gadget i had in my possession was my watch. it was a bizarre feeling, but it is definitely a simple necessity.
  • chapstick/vaseline/lip balm – my lips are always dry and if they get to the point where they are starting to chap, i lose it. it’s the worst feeling. so i try to make sure that i have some kind of lip conditioning treatment everywhere i go; in my bag, on my nightstand, at the office. i think it makes my lips less dry just knowing i have chapstick with me. would definitely be one cranky human if i had to walk around with chapped lips all day long, just saying.

for now, i think those items cut it. i would be perfectly happy as long as those things existed in the world. i’m sure i will think of more as time goes on, but those are definitely the core 5 that keep my world a-turning. the fact that i have a 4 day work week this week is also helping 🙂 hope your tuesdays feel like wednesdays as well!



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