sorry for the recent lull in postings, my laptop has decided to shut off and not turn back on. the prognosis isn’t looking so great but hopefully when i take it to the apple store tomorrow they can revive it. god knows i do not have the cash to shell out for a new computer!

anyway, today is my friday! i’m taking my first day off tomorrow, kind of a weird feeling that i won’t be here on a friday but i’m definitely happy to have a day off. i’m heading up to stonehill tomorrow morning, having dinner with the gordon’s tomorrow night, tg has a hockey game saturday afternoon and then we go to boston for the night. it should be an awesome weekend, really busy too! i cannot believe that thanksgiving is next weekend already, where is this year going?  it’s going to be christmas before i know it, and then new years and then i will be on the beach in florida.

definitely a quick little update post, but hope everyone has a great weekend! hopefully i will be back on monday with a functioning laptop, cross your fingers for me!

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