gobble gobble

the forecast is looking pretty gloomy here in new york but i am totally excited about the fact that i am a day a half away from my little thanksgiving break. i am realizing how much i’m going to miss the month + break that i had at school. but instead of having a whole month to myself to vacation and do whatever i have four days for thanksgiving and three days for christmas. that’s totally fair right? WRONG. but my florida vacation will function as my winter break and hopefully carry me all the way through to the end of march when the spring finally appears again.

i had a fabulous weekend up in MA with tg. it was so nice to have friday off, i think every weekend should be a three day weekend. we took my macbook to the apple store and luckily it can be fixed, but for a very pretty penny. definitely need to make a decision on that pretty quick though because i hate being without a computer at home! definitely wouldn’t mind getting an ipad after trying out ls’ last night though, so that’s always an option! we then headed over to franklin and had a great dinner of chicken parm, spaghetti and fresh apple crisp with the gordon’s. have i mentioned how much i love warm apple crisp? well, i LOVE it. on saturday i attempted a short run around campus and then hopped on over to foxboro to watch tg’s hockey game. unfortunately they lost 😦 but it was still a good game! after the game we headed into boston for the night, dining at osushi in the westin complex. the menu was a lot more exotic than we usually go for but tg totally stepped up trying mackerel sushi, a shrimp tempura roll topped with fresh tuna and what he dubbed as the best spicy tuna he’s ever had. he even finished off my deep fried baby yellowtail and crab roll! we had an awesome dinner and awesome night. i let tg pick the breakfast spot and he chose geoffery’s cafe, which had fabulous food! i went for my usual egg’s benedict but substituted the candian bacon for corned beef hash and tg had the meat lover’s omelet. needless to say we were full for most of the day. it was a great weekend, the weather was beautiful and we had so much fun, i wish i could just recreate it every weekend!

as for thanksgiving weekend plans, i will head home tomorrow to help my mother prepare the thanksgiving feast. then on thursday morning i am attempting to run the ridgefield turkey trot with ls and her family. should be an interesting feat as i haven’t been running all that much recently. gotta get my butt on the treadmill tonight for a little training! i may attempt black friday with ls and hc, but i am a bit apprehensive of being trampled by crazy shoppers. it should be a great holiday weekend, can’t wait to relax and stuff my face with pie. happy thanksgiving!

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