holiday food forecast: heavy with little chance of escape

if you know me, you know i LOVE sushi. i think love is even an understatement. if i could eat it every day, i totally would.  i always feel super healthy when i indulge but i just found this article from women’s health magazine that makes me think other wise.

my usual order is a spicy crunchy tuna, spicy crunchy salmon and a manhattan roll (shrimp tempura with spicy tuna on top) from azuki sushi (look them up on seamless, really good!). according to this article what i think is a light dinner would probably throw me well over 1,000 calories! i am definitely going to need to modify my order if i plan on donning a bikini in january – 500+ calories for a shrimp tempura roll? i had no idea. i think i will be substituting a regular tuna roll for my spicy tuna and leaving out the manhattan roll completely from now on. who knew my ‘healthy’ dinner packed so many calories?

speaking of packing calories, thanksgiving is on thursday. florida is 43 days away and i need to hop back on the workout train real fast if i’m going to look decent in about a month. i am running the thanksgiving turkey trot 5k in ridgefield with ls so that will be a good start, but i need goals. the following are my nutrition/fitness goals for the holiday season:

1. actually try to stick to portion control. i know, i know, this is difficult. i find myself loading my plate until food is cascading over the sides every year. i am really going to try to stick to the plate half full of veggies, protein the size of a blackberry (iphone) and starch the size of a tennis ball. just because its a holiday doesn’t mean that you have free reign to  be a complete glutton. also, ONE SMALL piece of pie. not 6 slices that remove a quarter of the pie tin.

2. exercise. there is no way to not look like the pillsbury dough boy over the holidays if this does not happen. adrianna meet treadmill, treadmill meet adrianna. you will be spending lots of time together over the next month, get used to it.

3. leave out as many carbs as possible. the no carb diet proved to be very difficult but i really do think it worked. i will passing out all of my christmas cookies to neighbors and friends, they can get fat instead (sorry guys). staying away from carbs will definitely help keep the lbs off and leave me looking better come january 4th.

hopefully i can actually stick to these goals. self-control around food has never been easy for me but i think i can accomplish this if i think about looking like a baby orca in beach pictures. wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving and you never know i might show up on your doorstep with my mother’s sugar cream pie. better you than me 🙂

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