christmastime in new york: different when you live & work here

it’s a grim looking tuesday and wednesday is looking even more grim. bieber, obama and the rockefeller christmas tree are all happening tomorrow. seriously? the only one i like on that list is the tree. apparently since we inhabit rockefeller plaza we will be allowed to leave work early tomorrow – hallelujah! as much as i love the christmas season, i don’t enjoy beating down hundreds of tourists just to get to the end of my block.

after that debacle, i will be attending the stonehill new york christmas party on thursday which will be a great way to catch up with fellow alumni and do some networking while taking down a few hot toddies. although it is barely cold enough to enjoy such a drink, i’ll don a christmas-y dress and pretend that the temperature is below 40.

this weekend i will attempt using the bus again to trek up to see tg for the weekend. he has a game on saturday and hopefully the weather will hold out for a run at borderland. always nice to have a relaxing weekend with him 🙂

can’t believe christmas is so close, but that means florida is closer! attempting my no carb diet again for the next month in preparation. no bread or pasta, staying away from sugar as well. i think it’s time i reappear in bootcamp class – i think tonight may be the night.

unfortunately my computer is still out of commission, but jj has graciously let me use her old mac, so i have that to blog on at home! i need to start another diy project to blog about – any ideas? i might do a needlepoint belt because that will definitely keep me busy for a while! maybe i will do it for tg and hope it is done by his birthday in august!

happy tuesday!


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