i’m backkk!!!

i know, i know i haven’t blogged for about 3 months. but i’m back! life has been crazy but it is february 2012 already and i can’t believe how fast time has gone. i have been at directv for almost 8 months, we are still decorating the apartment, i’m loving manhattan. that was a quick synopsis of my life. my current obsessions include red lipstick, painting my apartment and saving to buy expensive footwear. so not much has changed.

i just spent the weekend in boston with LS reunited with all of the stonehill girls. it was so great to see everyone! i really hate that we are so far away and can’t just all get together on a whim, but i definitely need to get up there more often! boston is so quaint and fun, the shopping is great too! i managed to escape with only a pair of dolce vita flats – tres chic (if i do say so myself).

i have been attempting a bit more cooking. last week i made asian turkey meatballs from skinnytaste.com – awesome, easy recipes! my recipe for this week is going to be pesto mac and cheese. my roommates are my guinea pigs. they don’t hate it. as long as everything comes out as planned.

work has been busy, with the exception of today. because it is president’s day. and NO one is working, except for us. my cube-mate is also currently vacationing in the DR, so let’s just say i’m a little bitter.

i look forward to picking up my blogging again – sorry i fell off the band wagon. i have found my next DIY project, which i will be forcing my handy neighbor PM to help me with – creating an upholstered headboard for my bed. it looks relatively easy, we will see how it actually turns out though. hope this winter has been treating everyone else as well as it has treated me – loving the 50 degree weather in february. spring has sprung in my opinion!

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