so as i said earlier, i have been attempting a little more cooking recently. it’s difficult because when you work all day the last thing you want to do is come home and try to prepare an elaborate meal. my trick is to make things on the weekends and then i am able to tote delicious lunches with me to work for a majority of the week. a while back i made a buffalo chicken mac and cheese that was out of this world. that really needs to be made again. but the newest recipe i am lusting after is pesto mac and cheese. (see below, commence drooling)

although my track record with pesto is less than great (see 9th grade when i almost died from eating pesto laced with pine nuts, thanks mother) i have no problems with it as long as it is sans pine nuts. i can easily whip up my own fresh batch of pesto or buy some at the store for this scrumptious looking dish. and since i am heading home this weekend, i will have access to a food processor and all of the necessary tools (and counter space) needed to make this. i have a feeling my family won’t hate it.

the recipe hails from how sweet eats and can be found here


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