holy weekend batman!

this was probably the most productive weekend of my life. i decided early this week that i was going to paint our living room, having already picked out a color last week with ls. then in g-chatting with jj we developed the idea to make our one skinny wall into a chalkboard wall. so friday after work i bought my paint and got to work. 6 hours of beyonce pandora later our living room is now beautiful santorini blue and we have a chalkboard wall. unfortunately we have to let the chalkboard wall sit for a few days before we can write on it, but the chalk is waiting patiently on the counter. personally, i think it looks great. i only got paint on the ceiling twice. it makes the only place look a lot more welcoming and like we actually live here. i think i will paint the one wall in the kitchen next weekend. i absolutely love projects, who knows what i’m going to do when i run out of things to paint, fix, organize or decorate.

also threw together this delicious tidbit for dinner – spicy parmesan shrimp and rice pilaf. (this is adapted from how sweet eats ‘spicy parmesan shrimp skillet’ as seen here http://www.howsweeteats.com/2012/02/spicy-parmesan-shrimp-skillet/ ) i made it once before but used wayyyy too much pasta so there wasn’t enough sauce to go around. so this time i just did the shrimp and put it on top of uncle ben’s 90 second rice pilaf. could not have been easier or more tasty. hopefully i can keep the cooking momentum going all week. on this week’s menu we have butternut squash, broccoli and italian sausage and something needs to be done with a half an onion, mixed greens, strawberries and some ground turkey – so we will see how that goes.

there are 41 days until my turks and caicos trip so i am in full vacation shopping mode. cannot wait to plant myself on the beach for 7 days. definitely need some suggestions for good beach reads, let me know your favorites!


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