monotonous monday

sitting at my desk on this monday morning afternoon i am exhausted from my weekend chock full of activities. probably doesn’t help that i stayed up til an ungodly hour looking through ashley simko’s blog, which is perhaps the coolest thing on this planet. i suggest you check it out immediately – – it is fantastic. from quotes to photopgrahy, i could keep myself busy for a solid month on there.

slurping down my second third iced tea of the day and parading around in my gigantic giraffe print cape, which makes me look like a bag lady, got me thinking about what i can do to make my mondays a bit more bearable.

– nails: i’m thinking this is a chanel gold kind of day. after all of my painting this weekend i have black chalkboard paint and santorini blue splattered all over my essie starter wife manicure from last week. time to make it look like i don’t work in construction and i need a punchy color this week.

– shoes: i’m a shoe person. and regardless of how bad/busy/crazy/insane your day might be, if you are wearing fun shoes that you love, it really can’t be that bad.

– lipstick: i am still expanding my collection of red lipsticks. if 12 cups of tea can’t make me look awake, i’m sure some chanel can.

any and all ideas to keep yourself lively and on task on mondays are welcome. off to starbucks…


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