i am apparently better at cooking butternut squash than sausage because last night’s dinner went a lot better than the sausage episode two days ago. and i had enough so i don’t have to cook myself dinner tonight and can just eat leftovers. to think this would ever make me happy is quite funny. my sister and i wouldn’t touch leftovers if our lives depended on it growing up, and now i am eternally grateful for them.

it’s supposed to be in the 60s today so i went ahead and broke out my periwinkle jcrew capris and hot pink snakeskin stilettos for today, i am ALL about spring. hoping i can get a bit of a tan during lunch, that would be fabulous. today is my last day of being 22 so i have to make it a good one, although being at work for 9 hours might hinder than a bit. i’ll do my best.

back to work, but i’ll leave you with this.

happy naked wednesday!


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