this weekend i will be journeying to dc to see ss and i could not be more excited! i probably haven’t been to dc since we moved when i was 3 and i hardly ever get to spend time with ss anymore because she’s there and i’m here. with the exception of thanksgiving and christmas eve bar crawls at home in ct, our quality time has been lacking. the one thing we have been incredibly awful at during our 8+ year friendship is taking pictures so i am planning on taking around 10,000 this weekend. everything will be documented.

i’m looking forward to being a little touristy, considering my memories of living in dc are quite vague, and having a ton of fun with one of my best friends in the entire world! i will make SURE to follow up with pictures!

this is the most recent picture i can find of us, circa 2006. 6 years ago. apparently i hadn’t discovered crest white strips or ever had my eyebrows waxed, but that’s neither here nor there. unacceptable.

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