st. fratty’s day weekend

we had a beautiful weekend here in new york. i spent the majority of it frolicking around the city with ls, i wouldn’t have had it any other way. on saturday aw had a raging st. patricks day/frat party and reunited with some long lost stonehill girls until beer cans and water balloons started raining down on us from 30 stories above. so we retreated back to our apartment for mid-day chinese food and a movie marathon which included how to lose a guy in 10 days, clueless and mean girls. there was also significant amounts of cvs candy involved.

sunday was spent moseying around the city after breakfast at petite abeille. we made a trip to barnes and noble, hit up zara and madewell and then realized we were exhausted so we grabbed lattes and went home. i then gathered my things to go home for a dentist appointment. i will bore you with my immense dental problems later.

below is a shot of me and my beautiful roomie ls during our weekend festivities. i know, so stylish, right? both green garments hail from forever 21.


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