i have been living in manhattan for about 9 months now and decided to make a list of the things that i have learned so far. enjoy!

1. 6 out of 10 times there won’t be a baby in that stroller, but instead a small dog or dogs. because that is incredibly necessary.

2. to quote buddy the elf “the yellow ones don’t stop!” and in fact they actually speed up if they see you begin to cross the street.

3. choose your shoes carefully. as much as i hate to say it my life is not anywhere near equivalent to sex and the city. meaning i don’t get driven around in towncars and therefore don’t have the luxury of wearing sky high manolos around town. i either walk or take the subway with the rest of the common people. that being said, choose a pair of shoes that won’t rip patches of skin the size of golf balls off of your feet after walking two blocks. you may look hot/stylish/crazy for 5 minutes but you will spend the next two weeks only able to wear some variation of ugg/slipper/flip flop and will immediately regret your previous decision. trust me on this one.

this is what is currently going on under my desk, all of my work shoes live at work and i just come in and change. or if you can tell, in today’s case just rock frye motorcycle boots all day.

4. walking through grand central during rush hour at full speed is just begging for a full on collision. and probably into someone you know. i’ve found that walking at medium speed works a lot better because it is then easier to pivot, deflect a pick, spin around, etc and weave your way through the crowd. we all know the lady on her ipad won’t look up until she smashes into you so you need to be on your toes if you want to get out of there unscathed.

5. try your hardest not to start ordering out. you will create a monster. but seamless is one of the greatest inventions since the iphone. (if you don’t know what is it, i suggest you google asap)

6. new york is all about walking, so buy a good pair of sneaks and don’t complain about walking 6 blocks, it’s not that far.

7. sure the subway map might look like a bunch of colored spaghetti wound together but it is a gem. you sure as hell can’t get a cab from UES to soho for $2.25. learn it, love it, use it.

8. have a short list of go to restaurants. trying new spots is great but sometimes when you have a completely awful day it’s nice to sit in a familiar spot where you know the menu inside and out and they know when they see you that you want a grilled cheese and sangria. my favorite spots include haru, penelope, vertigo and blockheads.

9. find a good dry cleaner/tailor. you don’t want your pink skirt to come back with green stitching.

10. become very familiar with your neighborhood and use it to your advantage. there are about 500 restaurants/shops/businesses in a 5 block radius, figure out which ones are worth coming back to and which could be passed up. this becomes helpful when your incredibly indecisive friends come to town and need to be provided with a laundry list of things to do around your apartment.


these are just a few out of many, but i hope they are helpful! also, if you like vanilla milkshakes and cheeseburgers – shake shack is the holy grail of both. you won’t be disappointed, maybe just 5lbs heavier.


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