yesterday was a wildly busy day, i was all over the place at the office and didn’t have 5 minutes to sit down and write a blog post. i can’t believe today is thursday, this week has gone by incredibly fast. although last weekend was fantastic, i am more than excited to lay low this weekend and just get a few things done.  i have a laundry list of mundane tasks, including visiting the dry cleaners and swiffering my entire apartment, that i have to get accomplished over the weekend, so monday’s posts won’t be too fascinating. i’ll do some research on sunday and make sure i come up with some links, products, pictures and quotes for the week though, promise!

today is stark’s birthday, so in the words of neil we are ‘going to get weird’ at bulls head tonight. i also have friday night plans to have sushi with kr and her troop of galpals so the weekend will not be void of fun.

i apologize for my lack of contributions to the blog this week, work has been incredibly busy and has kept me buzzing around and away from the internet. i will compile a bunch of tidbits for next week that will keep you occupied!

i will leave you with this, kind of how i feel today.




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