i’m feeling incredibly crummy today but am trying to be productive. i have cleaned most of the apartment, with the exception of the bathroom, which i plan to tackle after writing this post. i can barely eat anything so i can’t even pig out on the couch with cookie dough and a party size bag of doritos (my go-to snack lay out), lame. i guess i’ll just watch clueless with a bottle of water.

i am still on the hunt for a decent looking bikini top for my vacation in two weeks. this task is a lot harder when your chest is bigger than normal. i will never understand why people want more boobs, i would go hunger games on someone for less boobs. to my fellow ‘big busted’ (god, i hate saying that) girls – ASOS.com and Linda The Bra Lady in NYC both have good options. bathing suit shopping is about as fun as doing your taxes or getting or teeth pulled (oh wait, i’ll be doing both of those next weekend) but unfortunately going topless is frowned upon at most beaches and pools.

i am incredibly nervous for this coming week – why, you might ask? wednesday i will be taking my first soul cycle class with my friend cr. i have never taken a spinning class before and i’m sure it will be a blast, but i have a tendency to psych myself out before taking a new exercise class. like the time that i didn’t sleep a wink the night before hot yoga because i actually thought i was going to die/be horrible at it. i now love it. i know, i’m a strange bird. on friday i am getting my teeth pulled. i have never had teeth pulled (with the exception of my wisdom teeth and i was straight loopy) before and i am REALLY not looking forward to it. what makes it worse is that i get to do my taxes in the same weekend. i have never done my taxes before either and am pretty stressed about it. i’m considering buying a tax book off of amazon so i can decode the tax lingo. all i have to say about my taxes is that i better get some kind of a refund or i will not be a happy camper. i’m hoping the easter bunny can do me a solid andbring m e some pudding to brighten up my weekend, because there will be no chewing going on in my mouth come easter sunday and i’m sure to be majorly cranky.

hope you enjoy your weekend!


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