one hanson flea market

it is freezing, raining and disgusting out today. so in an attempt for a little inspiration for the coming week i headed out to fort greene, brooklyn to the last weekend of the skylight one hanson flea market. the gorgeous building was the former home of the williamsburg savings bank and is worth the trip alone. there are over 100 vendors on the three floors featuring everything from jewelry to hot dogs to rugs.

of course the moment i walk in i see a beautiful old dress form, which i have been coveting as a decoration in my room, but alas it had already been purchased. totally Bruce also had beautiful antique chests (one of my many weaknesses) and reclaimed dining tables. Bruce was also such a gem and lovely to talk to. check him out online for items and showroom info – totally Bruce.

one of the most difficult things about decorating my apartment has been trying to figure out what kind of rug i like. building and repair and antiques had about 200 beautiful rugs on the lower level of the market. of course i picked out the 200+ year old $300+ rug. anthony franck, the owner, told me to take measurements of the space i wanted the rug for and then to come back. all i need to do now is decide what kind of colors would accentuate my space. i will keep you updated on any rug purchases!

lastly, the new york vintage lighting booth caught my eye with some tall industrial looking reading lamps. i thought they would make a great addition next to my bed for bedtime reading and would also add some character into my otherwise pretty basic room.

even though i shivered all the way to and from brooklyn the trip was definitely worth it and left me with some great inspiration and ideas for projects and items that i would still like to add to the apartment. hope you are staying warm on this raw day!


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