packing; making it work

as she should, ls thought i was crazy as i packed for my turks and caicos trip last night. but i have always had a tumultuous relationship with packing and i decided to get it over with sooner than later.  i’ve decided this is going to be a minimalist trip, because that is far from my normal lifestyle. i HATE dragging a suitcase that might take out a small child behind me in the airport, then getting to my destination and wearing 5% of what is actually in the bag. so its a bathing suit, 1 pair of shorts, a sweater, a few t-shirts, 2 dresses and that’s it. my main activity for 7 days will be planting my butt on a beach, i don’t need a ball gown, fur coat or 7 pairs of jeans.

here is my actual breakdown for packing the least amount possible for a tropical trip:

1 bathing suit (this isn’t a victoria’s secret bikini shoot, bring 2 if you must)

1 pair of denim shorts (can be worn to the beach or to dinner)

1 white sweater (it may get chilly at night)

1 pair of rainbow flip flops

1 pair of jack rogers

2 dresses (make sure they can be day to night depending on your activities)

4 t-shirts (various colors and styles)

1 pair floral shorts

1 pair of sneakers

1 pair of workout shorts & top

underwear (as needed, depends on if you have access to laundry)

hat, towel, sunscreen.

that’s it. the dresses can be worn multiple times and the shorts can be made into various outfits with the t-shirts. you can also plan out an outfit for each day with your items so you are really prepared, i took that route when i traveled to london for 5 days with a north face backpack the size of an apple. hope these tips help the next time you are packing for a trip!


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