personalized stationery, on a budget!

i love writing letters. i think it is a lost art, when was the last time you got a hand written letter? most of my family and friends live far from me (london, boston, ohio, california, colorado) so i love writing them hand written notes. i know how much i love to get a note in the mail, so i love to surprise my family and friends with them as well.

for a long time i would buy personalized stationery, but i would always go through it so fast. after tearing through my last package, i decided i was going to do something different this time. i stopped at JAM PAPER, where they stock any shade of paper and envelope you could ever imagine. i picked up some hot pink envelopes and white note cards. i ordered a beautiful monogrammed stamp off of etsy (see below) and made my own personalized stationery for a fraction of what i was paying for the stationery i bought online.

not only can i make my own stationery in big patches for an awesome price, but i can change up the color combos whenever i want. i bought a gold ink pad at michael’s and am currently going with a white/gold/pink theme. you can get tons of different kinds of stamps made on etsy, mine came from kathryn murray calligraphy and i couldn’t be more pleased. explore etsy’s selection of custom stamps and get to making your own stationery!


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