cookies or calisthentics?

i have fallen off the work out band wagon. obviously, considering this is what i did last night. lo is so amazingly talented with apps, while i don’t even know where my redial button is. is there even a redial button on an iPhone? anyways, we went to veniero’s bakery on 12th and 1st to get a little treat. we came home with a pound of  cookies, and they were fabulous. i am a sucker for italian pastries and veniero’s is a fantastic place to sample some tasty treats.

in my attempts to get back to working out regularly and getting ready for the half marathon that i am running in october, i decided to make a visual aid for my work out progress. i printed out a small calendar for may and for each day i go for a run or get on the elliptical i will put a hot pink heart sticker from knot and bow on my calendar for that day. i guess it resembles the chore chart that i had in the second grade where i got to check off cleaning the bathroom or helping with laundry, but hey – maybe it will get me off my cookie binge! i’ll let you know how it goes as the month progresses.


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