one last thing…

i have mentioned probably numerous times that although i have been living in my apartment for almost a year we are still decorating and adding things here and there. one of the absolute last things that i still want to add is a chair in my room. i have a corner where i constantly throw clothes and things i need to fold/dry clean/get tailored/put away and i would be less apt to throw them there if there was a piece of furniture blocking my access to the floor. i have picked the below as the perfect piece, because not only does it match the room decor but it goes with the white ikea couch i already have. (note to anyone buying a couch; white couches look nice for about the first 5 minutes you have them, unless you are going to go all italian grandmother and put some of those heinous plastic covers on it, don’t get a white couch. don’t say i didn’t warn you.) one of the greatest things about this chair is the price, i’m not going to go and spend $800 on a chair that is sitting in my room collecting pairs of jeans that need to be hemmed. i will of course share pictures when i finally decide to pull the trigger and purchase the ikea ektorp chair, which comes in a million and one colors for those of you who are smart and don’t buy white furniture. happy wednesday!


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