stationery, part 2

so i thought i would share of pictures of my stationery project so you could see how it actually turned out. i finished stamping all of the note cards that i currently have so they are all ready to be used. i love them and think they look great, i couldn’t be happier with my stamp from kathryn murray calligraphy.

doing the actual stamping with my gorge stamp

one of the finished product up close

most of the finished note cards

let me know what you think! i totally love them! if you want the break down of the cost, it goes as follows: stamp (shipping included) $45, gold ink pad $8, note cards (50) $7.50, envelopes (25) $5. this comes to a total of $65.50, which comes out to about $2.60 per card/envelope set. keep in mind this is just for the first set, because you already have your stamp and ink (unless you want a different color). so for the next set you buy 1 package of note cards and 2 packages of envelopes, it comes out to $.35 per card/envelope set. not too shabby and they are beautiful and fun to make!

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