mad about maui jims

sitting on the beach in martha’s vineyard a few weeks ago with my friend JR, i noticed she was wearing some really snazzy (yes, i just used that word) sunglasses. although i am incredibly loyal to my ray ban aviators (currently on my 3rd pair), when i tried these on i was immediately hooked. the lenses were infinitely more clear and they were lightweight and incredibly comfortable. what were these amazing shades? none other than maui jims. the company was started in 1980 in lahaina, hawaii and have quickly become the most popular polarized sunglasses in the world. personally i can’t have sunglasses that aren’t polarized, they really help with glare when driving or just while hanging out on the beach. maui jims are definitely not cheap but if you are looking for a pair of quality sunglasses, they will hook you up. my current favorites are the dawn patrol in tortoise, $219.


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