mixin’ it up

anyone who has a 9-5 job knows that week after week, life gets mundane. i’ve recently noticed that i have been falling into a pattern of doing the same thing every day and just generally not feeling very excited about life. this is a problem, because i’m only 23.

in order to fix this i make a conscious effort to do things that i wouldn’t normally do this week. on tuesday i got a manicure after work, on wednesday i got a facial during lunch (indulgent, yes. time efficient, no.) and went to barnes and noble to pick up some new books to work on. then on thursday we had a company happy hour and i got to hang out with my coworkers, who i love. after spending the week doing things to break up every day boredom i definitely feel happier and feel like i actually got something out of this week other than just sitting at my desk for 9 hours and then going home and eating a giant bowl of spaghetti every night. i’m going to continue trying to do things fun things that i can look forward to during the week, next week i will spend my lunch break checking out exhibits at MoMA, maybe catch a free movie in the park and have a picnic with lo and jodi and really use all of the resources i have living in manhattan.

in my pursuit of more happiness i picked up ‘the happiness project’ by gretchen rubin. although i am only on the third chapter i would definitely recommend it. it’s not that i am not happy but i know that i could be happier and this book is perfect for this. i think everyone can learn something from gretchen.


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