curing the monday blues

i am in a mood today. it could be the dreary, rainy weather or the anticipation of a long weekend coming up, but i’m just not feelin’ it today. so here are my cures for a crappy day:

1) trotted over to staples and bought some fun colored pens to write in my planner with. a note to do laundry looks like a lot more fun when written in purple. the bright colors have managed to make my day a bit less dull.

2) in office gardening. i have pruned my office plant, which now looks pretty sad. on my way home i am going to stop at home depot and buy some basil seeds and start my in office gardening project.

3) made plans to deep condition my hair tonight. yea, sounds lame but it’s really one of those days that i need anything to get me through the day.

4) putting together weekend plans although it is only monday. the week always goes by faster when you have great things to look forward to on the weekend!


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