planning ahead

one of the things that always keeps me going during the week is planning ahead – whether it be planning for the weekend, planning a trip or planning out my meals for the week it gives me something to look forward to. currently i am already planning ahead for this weekend – my sister is coming into the city and we are finally going to eat at a sushi spot i have been drooling over for months, kotobuki. i have heard great things about it and just looking at the menu is making me so incredibly hungry. this menu is truly different from other sushi menus, most of them have pretty much the exact same thing which doesn’t leave much room for anything new or exciting – but kotobuki’s menu is the exact opposite. sushi is taken very seriously with my sister and i so i am totally pumped to see what this place has to offer! check out their menu here:

i am also going to continue thinning out my wardrobe before my move in three months – it is sickening the amount of stuff i have. it doesn’t look like a lot when it is all put away but once things start to be pulled out i realize the monster that i have created. i do not need to keep the jeans from high school i don’t wear or the lacrosse pinnies from spring weekend at stonehill. i’m hoping to donate some giant bags full of clothes to goodwill this weekend. i would like to move out with far less than i moved in with – which is going to be damn near impossible. my test for keeping something or not: has it been worn/used in the past 6 months, if not it goes. less is more – and i know i will be kicking myself when i move out dragging giant boxes around if i don’t get rid of a lot of things.

here’s to hoping the weekend goes as planned, even though it’s only tuesday!


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