currently obsessed

this title is actually a bit incorrect because this has been an ongoing obsession for a while now. CONNIE BRITTON’S HAIR. i’ve gotten really into ABC’s ‘Nashville’ and spend most of each episode wondering how i can get my hair to look even remotely close to connie’s character of rayna. on or off camera connie’s hair is absolutely flawless and was recently awarded the title of most beautiful hair in people mag’s most beautiful people issue. reading her interview i was trying to drink in any bit of advice i could garner about how she keeps her hair so shiny and gorgeous – apparently she only washes her hair about once a week. not sure if this would work for my insane curls, but hey i might as well give it a try! too much hair washing can dry out hair and make it dry and frizzy. happy tuesday and here’s to having gorgeous, wavy locks like connie!

connie britton

connie britton


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