margaret elizabeth jewelry

this saturday is my mom’s birthday and i have spent this week trying to figure out what i should get her. parents are always difficult to shop for. one year my sister and i thought we were pure genius getting my mom a pair of uggs which she didn’t even bother to try on and just immediately returned. so we haven’t always had the best track record. if you are like me i really don’t like to give a gift that i don’t think the recipient will really love, so i put a lot of thought into picking out presents.

in more of my travels around the internet i found margaret elizabeth jewelry, a company that belongs to the sister of a friend from college. her big statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets are perfect for pulling an outfit together. she uses beautiful stones in each piece, which are eye catchingly amazing. the whole vibe of the company is relaxed and elegant, which makes it all the more fabulous. i am in love with her collection of studs and will definitely be stocking up on those for myself! but now what to get for my mom…

check out margaret elizabeth jewelry and some of my current favorite pieces below!


chrysophase pave studs

chrysophase pave studs

pink opal pears

pink opal pears

the rachaels

the rachaels




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