weekend recap

i spent last tuesday through saturday in north carolina with my family and had such a good time catching up with everyone. my cousin brittany drove down from ohio as a surprise with her 3 year old twins wyatt and maverick and 1 year old daphne. we went fishing and four wheeling, the kids got a blow up pool to splash around in and we even went to the children’s museum in fayetteville which everyone enjoyed. it’s always great to spend time with family you rarely get to see and find out what is going on in everyone’s lives. it’s also amazing to see how much cheaper everything is down there from american cheese to toilet paper, but that’s beyond the point.

i am slowly adjusting to being back in the office this week – it’s always difficult to get back into the groove of doing work after having time off. this week looks like it will be relatively slow, which will be nice. i’m crossing my fingers for rangers playoffs tickets for this week and then looking forward to kicking back and relaxing for the weekend.

beginners luck because of my new pit viper sunglasses

my surprise – little daphne

wyatt & maverick

cutie pie

fire pole at the fayetteville children’s museum

we like ice cream

‘gal-falfa’ and her grandpop


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