25 things every young professional should know by 25

i came across this article this week and think it is INCREDIBLY relevant for anyone around my age. i am pretty proud to say that i may have no completely mastered this list but i think i’m going a good job of getting there.

thank you notes – SO important, when was the last time you got a hand written note? with all the new technology we have, people tend to forget about these. when i was little i was always forced to write thank yous for christmas and birthday gifts – luckily that has stayed with me through my adult life and i send hand written thank yous for everything and also send them to my friends. who doesn’t love to get snail mail?

#21 is something i think is very important. if you can’t ask for (and take) constructive criticism how will you know what you need to work on and how to move forward in your position? the end.

i really love #5. i truly enjoy talking to all those around me and understanding how they got to where they are in their career. i have received some of the greatest advice from doing this. starting out one might think that higher ups don’t want to speak with them – the opposite is true. use them as a tool to understand how to build your career.

take a look at it, i think everyone can read it and take away a valuable bit of advice.

Danny Rubin: 25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know By Age 25 


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