weekend plans

well, i guess i have made it through this week. it was a long one. as mice continue to terrorize and rip apart our apartment i’m getting increasingly cranky. hopefully the exterminator will come next week and finally put an end to this reign of terror. i discovered that they had eaten 4 WHOLE bags of ramen last night. and then this morning they had gotten into pretzels. i’m thinking of entitling my first book ‘if you give a mouse some ramen…’. i think it would be a bestseller, personally.

jodi and i have plans to go to coney island tomorrow to ride some rollercoasters and eat some hotdogs. i cannot remember the last time i was on a rollercoaster but i’m already scared shitless, so it should be a good time! i will spend the rest of the weekend throwing out food and further mouse-proofing the apartment. never a dull moment when you live in new york, always has to be something. i also need to retrieve my clothes that have been at the dry cleaner (who was evicted and now i’m not exactly sure where my clothes are) for 3+ months.

after work i’m grabbing drinks with some of my coworkers which will be a nice start to the weekend, just have to get my clock to jump ahead a few hours and then i’m outta here!


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