weekend recap

this is going to be short. because basically, i did nothing this weekend. the weather was supposed to be nice and then it rained and was completely awful all weekend long. i ended up sitting on my couch watching way too many episodes of ‘married to jonas’ and watching jodi pack up her room. this […]

weekend plans

well, i guess i have made it through this week. it was a long one. as mice continue to terrorize and rip apart our apartment i’m getting increasingly cranky. hopefully the exterminator will come next week and finally put an end to this reign of terror. i discovered that they had eaten 4 WHOLE bags […]

currently obsessed

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, i got a box of goodies from my friend meg young who is the director of PR at jouer cosmetics. since receiving the box, the products have completely changed my beauty routine, namely the luminizing moisture tint. i had been looking for a good tinted moisturizer for a […]

now playing

one of the many perks of working at music choice is that i am exposed to music i would normally never listen to – hence my coming across MS MR. definitely different than what i would usually listen to, more alt but still a bit dance-y. some of their songs have been featured on ‘pretty […]

weekend recap

i spent last tuesday through saturday in north carolina with my family and had such a good time catching up with everyone. my cousin brittany drove down from ohio as a surprise with her 3 year old twins wyatt and maverick and 1 year old daphne. we went fishing and four wheeling, the kids got […]

gearing up for the weekend

it’s finally FRIDAY! yesterday felt a lot like friday, which was unfortunate, because it was thursday. after a pretty productive week i am definitely ready for the weekend. the weather is looking quite nice for saturday and sunday so i am hoping to get the kayaks out on the water for the first time this […]

currently obsessed

this title is actually a bit incorrect because this has been an ongoing obsession for a while now. CONNIE BRITTON’S HAIR. i’ve gotten really into ABC’s ‘Nashville’ and spend most of each episode wondering how i can get my hair to look even remotely close to connie’s character of rayna. on or off camera connie’s […]