currently obsessed

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, i got a box of goodies from my friend meg young who is the director of PR at jouer cosmetics. since receiving the box, the products have completely changed my beauty routine, namely the luminizing moisture tint. i had been looking for a good tinted moisturizer for a […]

curing the monday blues

i am in a mood today. it could be the dreary, rainy weather or the anticipation of a long weekend coming up, but i’m just not feelin’ it today. so here are my cures for a crappy day: 1) trotted over to staples and bought some fun colored pens to write in my planner with. […]

mixin’ it up

anyone who has a 9-5 job knows that week after week, life gets mundane. i’ve recently noticed that i have been falling into a pattern of doing the same thing every day and just generally not feeling very excited about life. this is a problem, because i’m only 23. in order to fix this i […]


i have super curly hair. most of the time i can usually get it to do what i want but then you have days like today, where it’s 73 degrees and the humidity is about 85%. curls + humidity = bride of Frankenstein look. two summers ago after trip to the salon i discovered oribe’s anti […]


if you are ever down in soho looking for a modern, tasty meal definitely check out delicatessen. ls and i were shopping recently and realized we were ravenous. we were walking down prince street and ls spotted the chic eatery that she had previously noshed at with some work girls. i had the tuna tartare […]

i’m feeling incredibly crummy today but am trying to be productive. i have cleaned most of the apartment, with the exception of the bathroom, which i plan to tackle after writing this post. i can barely eat anything so i can’t even pig out on the couch with cookie dough and a party size bag […]

i have been living in manhattan for about 9 months now and decided to make a list of the things that i have learned so far. enjoy! 1. 6 out of 10 times there won’t be a baby in that stroller, but instead a small dog or dogs. because that is incredibly necessary. 2. to […]