currently obsessed

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, i got a box of goodies from my friend meg young who is the director of PR at jouer cosmetics. since receiving the box, the products have completely changed my beauty routine, namely the luminizing moisture tint. i had been looking for a good tinted moisturizer for a […]

currently obsessed

this title is actually a bit incorrect because this has been an ongoing obsession for a while now. CONNIE BRITTON’S HAIR. i’ve gotten really into ABC’s ‘Nashville’ and spend most of each episode wondering how i can get my hair to look even remotely close to connie’s character of rayna. on or off camera connie’s […]

a search for the perfect pink

i’ve blogged before about how much i adore essie’s ‘punchy pink’ nail color. unfortunately, this color is discontinued and cannot be purchased anywhere, i’ve scoured ebay and even written notes to essie – both to no avail. so i’ve decided with a trip to miami being planned for this winter i need to find a […]


last summer before i started my job i was all about trying to find things to keep me busy. i had always been jealous of girls who could construct a fabulous fishtail so using my sister as my model i set out to teach myself. the fishtail itself is incredibly easy to do, it just […]


i have super curly hair. most of the time i can usually get it to do what i want but then you have days like today, where it’s 73 degrees and the humidity is about 85%. curls + humidity = bride of¬†Frankenstein look. two summers ago after trip to the salon i discovered oribe’s anti […]

it’s friday (thank god). let’s face it, by the time we get to friday we don’t really have the energy or effort to look like supermodels in the morning so we half-ass it and settle for whatever makeup is lying around and that old jcrew¬†headband that we’ve had since the 8th grade (hey, still cutting […]