planning ahead

one of the things that always keeps me going during the week is planning ahead – whether it be planning for the weekend, planning a trip or planning out my meals for the week it gives me something to look forward to. currently i am already planning ahead for this weekend – my sister is […]

carrot ginger dressing

everyone loves the salad dressing that you get at a hibachi restaurant – you want the recipe and then promptly forget about it once the chef loads your plate up with fried rice and noodles. until recently i had never thought about making my own salad dressing but lauren has come up with a genius […]

back in february i posted a recipe for buffalo chicken mac and cheese, which i had made in the fall. i ended up making it again while i was out in denver for a week and a half and other than the fact that i thought the pasta was a bit over down all of […]

spoon fork bacon

so to break my unusually long hiatus i’m going to start with something awesome. i give you spoon fork bacon. this website is the perfect mixture of to die for food pictures and delicious recipes. excellent for purely salivating over the photos or for finding something scrumptious to make this weekend. i actually succeeded at […]

empire mayonnaise company

in my travels around the five boroughs i’ve made my way to the brooklyn flea market only once, and unfortunately it was sunday instead of saturday and the Empire Mayonnaise Company only sets up shop on saturdays. but this year i am determined to finally buy a jar (or 10) of their gourmet mayo. anyone […]

i’m on a roll today. i’ve just spent the past 35 minutes salivating over the amazing food pictures on this tumblr. i don’t suggest clicking the link if you haven’t eaten lunch yet, you might start¬†gnawing on your phone. ¬†