now playing

one of the many perks of working at music choice is that i am exposed to music i would normally never listen to – hence my coming across MS MR. definitely different than what i would usually listen to, more alt but still a bit dance-y. some of their songs have been featured on ‘pretty […]

currently obsessed

this title is actually a bit incorrect because this has been an ongoing obsession for a while now. CONNIE BRITTON’S HAIR. i’ve gotten really into ABC’s ‘Nashville’ and spend most of each episode wondering how i can get my hair to look even remotely close to connie’s character of rayna. on or off camera connie’s […]

happy 2013!

well 2012 went quickly. i cannot believe come may that i will have been out of school, working and living in new york for two years. 2012 brought lots of goodness to me including but not limited to a new job, new friends and great trips to turks & caicos, denver and dc. in thinking […]

restoration hardware

i’ve always enjoyed going through interior design magazines and home store catalogs in hopes that one day i can decorate my own home. my current favorites are this beautifully distressed leather lancaster sofa from restoration hardware.   the look of worn leather is so comfy and inviting, especially in front of a blazing fire. maybe […]