currently obsessed

sometimes i really hate on social media. but sometimes it’s really awesome. like when i stumble across this insanely awesome brand of sunglasses (PIT VIPER) out of salt lake that i am now insanely obsessed with. they are totally 90’s badass, they are also bulletproof – which is definitely a plus. i may have just […]


i have had a long standing obsession with buying any item of clothing that is red white and blue/has the american flag on it. since tomorrow is the 4th of july i thought i would highlight some awesome patriotic pieces. since my roommate ls of love swett & neon pink is a creative genius she […]

albeit jewelry

in my travels around the blogesphere i have found lots of awesome blogs. one of my favorites for outfit inspiration happens to be atlantic-pacific. this girl is flawless and has absolutely amazing style. in one of her posts she highlighted a golden B necklace that she received from albeit jewelry. as much as i like […]

weston iPhone case

in my travels around the world wide web i came across this gem. ls and i have a bit of an obsession with iPhone cases and are constantly switching them out for new ones. weston uses highly magnified scanned images of rocks and minerals giving the appearance of having a case crafted from a precious […]

kate spade

kate spade can do no wrong. but seriously, everything she produces is amazing. i currently do not have an iPad, but i have decided that i now need one. why, you might ask? because of this. play hooky. i love this. it’s perfection. and i’m sure my iPad would love to live in it. also […]