weekend recap

this is going to be short. because basically, i did nothing this weekend. the weather was supposed to be nice and then it rained and was completely awful all weekend long. i ended up sitting on my couch watching way too many episodes of ‘married to jonas’ and watching jodi pack up her room. this […]

weekend recap

i spent last tuesday through saturday in north carolina with my family and had such a good time catching up with everyone. my cousin brittany drove down from ohio as a surprise with her 3 year old twins wyatt and maverick and 1 year old daphne. we went fishing and four wheeling, the kids got […]

gearing up for the weekend

it’s finally FRIDAY! yesterday felt a lot like friday, which was unfortunate, because it was thursday. after a pretty productive week i am definitely ready for the weekend. the weather is looking quite nice for saturday and sunday so i am hoping to get the kayaks out on the water for the first time this […]


three weeks ago i left for denver to see my long lost chica MK for a long weekend, a week and a half later i came back to new york. thanks to hurricane sandy my long weekend turned into an extended vacation and i had a great time and got to explore a city that […]

although it’s monday and i am about 10 seconds from falling asleep into my keyboard, i had an absolutely fabulous weekend in dc with ss. from shopping to eating to dancing, we did it all. i ate slices of pizza almost as big as my body and witnessed the pure craziness that is 18th street. […]

this weekend i will be journeying to dc to see ss and i could not be more excited! i probably haven’t been to dc since we moved when i was 3 and i hardly ever get to spend time with ss anymore because she’s there and i’m here. with the exception of thanksgiving and christmas […]